Instagram Influencer Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Instagram Guide on Influence Marketing, a more effective method of advertising.

You know the power of Instagram. Over 500,000,000 people use Instagram, and over 200,000,000 users upload photos and videos on a daily basis.  Social media has introduced the world to a new approach to advertising.  Instagram followers have the opportunity to interact with their favorite influencers in a revolutionary way.  Imagine being able to harness the power of those millions of connections around the world to promote your product.


Why is using an Instagram Influencer a more effective method of advertising than doing a traditional print campaign?

Using Instagram Influencers is a simple, affordable and powerful way to reach your customer base.  The fans can follow the Influencers through their daily lives.  Trips to the beautiful beach, martinis at the bar with friends, or a gorgeous new Prada bag – all sorts of people, places and things are posted by the Influencers to delight their followers.  If, for example, let’s say there’s a teen girl who follows a talented makeup artist on Instagram. The artist posted some amazing shots of her wearing stunning two toned lipstick.  After seeing the photos, the girl goes to the mall, walks to the makeup counter and feels a connection with the Instagram makeup artist. This was not just about buying a lipstick because it looked pretty. This was a shared experience.

Once you decide who your ideal Instagram Influencer is, you can either approach that person on your own, or you could have a representative of your brand make the introductions and negotiate on your behalf.  If you should encounter rejection or resistance, don’t be too discouraged.  There are always people available to negotiate on your behalf.  If the Influencer still declines, then it’s time to move on and find the perfect person


Stop and think about whose Instagram you love to look at.

My personal favorite?  Dita Von Teese. Dita is a modern day burlesque dancer. She always looks stunning and otherworldly. She has released a line of her own lingerie and perfume.  In several of her Instagram photos, she looks stunning in her line of lingerie, posed very elegantly or dramatically. I would absolutely be influenced by Dita to buy her perfume and gorgeous lingerie. And then the next day, I will write a comment on her Instagram about it…


Take the opportunity to peak into the life of a glamorous influencer you admire.

While print ads in magazines are beautiful and the models they feature of stunning, Instagram Influencers are free from the constraints that limit traditional advertisements.  Influencers do not have to have a perfect body or wear their hair a certain way or follow stringent rules.  For example, an extremely popular and powerful influencer is Kylie Jenner.  Yes, Kylie is a beautiful girl, but she is not a model.  She has a makeup line that she is promoting and she has been doing incredibly well.  How?  She engages with her fans.  Her posts are exciting and sexy, which is what her target audience wants.  


So how do I get started? First, do your homework.


Why is using an Instagram Influencer a more effective method of advertising than doing a traditional print campaign?

There are a lot of great online resources you should read through so that you are familiar with the lingo, the buzzwords, the strategies and the hot topic.  A wonderful example is Kissmetrics.  Kissmetrics is an extremely comprehensive database devoted to helping you to learn and master Instagram Influencer Marketing.

There are many platforms that are specifically designed to help you find the right Influencer to reach your target audience.  These platforms include Followerwonk, BuzzSumo and Traackr.  Additionally, there are several services such as, Webstagram and IconoSquare.  Several people in the industry have commented that they have the most success when they use more than one platform to find the perfect Influencer who will be able to connect with their target audience.

Multiple Services are available to help you move your marketing campaign from start to finish.  The platforms’ engineers have a great understanding of SEO.  They study the trends over and over until patterns form and you will now be able to analyze the brands, products and activities that your target audience enjoys.  That data is then analyzed along with the list of top 100 trending hashtags. It is crucial for your business, especially if it is a new business, that you calculate a safe, strong ROI.  


New Instagram Influence Marketer Platforms

Other platforms will offer consultants who are available to help you.  For example, if not enough people are looking at the photos your Instagram Influencer is posting, and you are having trouble getting web traffic where you need it, this happens to be consultants’ field of expertise.  For example, your consultant might suggest that you run some sort of contest to promote your campaign.  Contests always attract attention and as a result – the kind of web content you want.

One thing to keep in mind it that new, rising talent is an incredible find.  If you pay attention to social media, you might just stumble upon the person who is about to be the biggest YouTube sensation of the year. These Influencers, who have made it into the public eye and do have a small number of fans, might be the best group to seek out. There is no shortage of young, talented, energetic and motivated Influencers who would love to try a new project.

If you keep the Influencers who work with you happy, it will show in their posts.  Their followers will see the happiness first, and then the product second.  That stunning scarf.  She will see the scarf again in a boutique and she will remember the beautiful photo she associated with it.  She will buy it, go outside and feel beautiful, confident and happy.



The Perks Of Influencer Marketing, number one preferred method of branding your business.

We all know how important marketing is to get your brand name out there. Acquiring a large enough reach to be effective can be both time consuming and expensive. Although social and content marketing is important for gathering an audience, most people neglect to look into influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has been on a rise since 2016 and is quickly becoming the preferred method of marketing. When used correctly, it can increase your audience exponentially and build immediate trust between you and your target consumer.


What exactly is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the process of targeting individuals who already have an established audience. Instead of targeting individuals to market to, influencer marketing focuses on targeting a single person who then markets your brand to their audience. This approach to marketing has become one of the most popular because there are many benefits to using it. If you haven’t considered implementing influencer marketing into your master plan, here are a few reasons why you should look into it:


It’s All About Trust

One of the huge differences between using ad campaigns and influencer marketing is that with influencer marketing uses pre-established trust between your chosen influencer and their audience. The goal is to choose someone who already represents your brand image and whose focus is on helping people by inspiring them.  This is an important factor because it ensures the audience trusts your chosen influencer. Because of the trust between your chosen influencer and their audience, when your product or brand is recommended to them, they will automatically believe that it is reliable and something they also want because someone they admire wants it as well. The bottom line is people trust other people, even strangers, more than they trust a brand name. Turn your product into a person, and you’ll be one step closer to expanding your market.


A Larger Audience

The beauty of influencer marketing is the incredible amount your audience will grow. Instead of marketing to random individuals, you are marketing to key members of society who will then market to their entire audience. This means less work, fewer resources, and a larger reach. By choosing the right influencers, you can cause your audience to grow at an exponential rate.


It’s Effective

A good influencer already has a broad, established audience. There is no reason for you to waste the time building this audience if you can simply plug into someone else’s. By creating a mutually beneficial relationship with an influencer, you are able to plug in directly to their audience without having to do the footwork. This saves you time, energy, and, of course, money. Not only will this help you out, but the relationship is good for your influencer too because your traffic will no doubt trickle into their traffic as well.


No More Boring Content

In our day and age, there is an intense demand for relevant, captivating content. Influencer marketing is based on an exchange. Whether you are trading, inspiring, or hiring your influencer, it is good to give back to those that are marketing your brand to their audience for you. A way to do this and enrich your content even further is by offering to host their content on your site. This brings your audience to them, expanding their reach, and will also ensure you always have relevant and interesting content.


Authenticity of Instagram Sponsored Mentions

One of the key factors that makes influencer marketing successful is the authenticity. When choosing the proper influencers to represent your brand, you are choosing someone who will use and enjoy your product. The goal is to find someone that believes in your product and will be authentic when marketing for you. This influencer is not just the key to expanding your audience, this influencer is also one of your customers. It’s important to remember this when choosing and influencer. You want someone who will sell your product for you without effort. The goal is to choose someone who already believes in the quality of your brand name. People will trust your product because they see it being used in action by someone they admire or are inspired by. This also creates customer loyalty, which in the long run will bring you more customers and more money.


Studies Confirm: More Money!

Because consumers already trust the influencers you choose, they are over seventy percent more likely to make a purchase. In addition to this there has been research to show that for every dollar spent on marketing, influence marketing has a six dollar return. In 2016, 99% of people who used influencer marketing reported it to be an effective way to increase website traffic, brand name awareness, and sales. Most people who have experienced success with influencer marketing have reported it to be a cheaper, more effective form of marketing when compared to ad campaigns. In addition to this, people have also reported decreases in both their distribution and production budgets when switching to influencer marketing.



If you haven’t started using influencer marketing to promote your brand, please do. Watch as your influencers inspire their audiences to support your brand. Your reach will effortlessly grow with the implementation of your first influencers. Remember, it is important that this relationship is beneficial to both you and your influencer. The key to finding a good influencer is to find someone who has both reach and relevance to your campaign. You want to choose people who are going to use your brand in front of their extensive audience. Don’t choose someone who is looking to follow a script or plugin lines you wrote. Real people follow your influencer, and they are going to be able to tell if something is out of character for them. The idea is to market to their audience without them even knowing they’re being marketed to. In short, by creating multiple, mutually beneficial relationships with influencers you will extend your reach, increase awareness for your brand name, and create a loyal customer basis.