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Using The Social Proof of Instagram Followers to Your Advantage

Written by jeff on March 2, 2018

Why is it that whenever you try a new restaurant with a friend who has been there, you ask him or her what’s good on the menu? At the end of all the browsing of the menu, you will end up getting what your friend said is delicious. Why is it that when you see […]

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13 Cool Things You Didn’t About Instagram Followers!

Written by jeff on January 15, 2018

Instagram had been established as a great tool for brands. In fact, marketers had used the photo-sharing platform to gain new audience and in the long run, gain more from this. All of these with just the platform that is jam-packed with many features. Small to large businesses tend to enjoy the advantages of Instagram, […]

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Free Followers App: How to KILL Your Instagram Account For Free!

Written by jeff on January 9, 2018

It would seem that Instagram marketing has taken the world by storm. Well, the photo-sharing platform poses a lot of promises and potentials for brands and marketers who are seeking to tap into their audience through this trending channel. Marketers have been very creative as well in showcasing their brands and delivering their messages to their […]

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4 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2018

Written by jeff on December 15, 2017

Instagram is no doubt one of the most used social media platforms by marketers nowadays. It is not a bad decision, foremost, as the photo-sharing channel had reached more than 2 billion users, making it a perfect place to present your brand. It is an avenue to make your brand known and to engage and […]

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Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram? How to Track Your Followers

Written by jeff on December 8, 2017

Instagram has been catapulted to success following its immense popularity brought about by the wave of users in this social media platform. With the many users now enjoying visually appealing contents in this channel, marketers were quick to join the platform in order to take advantage of its success. Much to their delight, the platform […]

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Instagram Followers Apps for Android to Be Careful About

Written by jeff on November 28, 2017

There are many Instagram followers apps on Android available for you to experiment with. Be careful! It really is a struggle to build your brand and image is possibly one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays. But all your efforts will be worth it, considering Instagram is one of the most used channels. […]

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How to Host a Photo Contest on Instagram

Written by jeff on November 13, 2017

Instagram has been deemed useful to many brands and businesses. Businesses want to know how to host a photo contest on Instagram, and many make embarrassing failed attempts. That is why more and more advertisers and marketers are jumping on the bandwagon of social media marketing. They take in delight more particularly in photo-sharing app […]

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Instagram Announces 2,000,000 Marketer Followers

Written by jeff on November 6, 2017

Social media platform Instagram had recently announced a milestone for the channel: Being able to have 2 million advertisers who utilize their app every month. What’s more is that the number in March had doubled by late September. There are many things this could mean. For one, this just proves that Instagram has been deemed […]

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Social Media Marketing Strategies from Game of Thrones

Written by jeff on October 23, 2017

Game of Thrones just released its new season and the fans have been making a lot of noise about it. Some fans could not help but post spoilers on social media. Of course, it did not go well with the other fans. Nonetheless, we all know that Game of Thrones is very popular. The previous […]

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How to Use Instagram Ads for Brand Loyalty

Written by jeff on October 16, 2017

As Instagram ups the heat for businesses looking to promote their brand and solidify their online presence, it is not only essential to gain new customers but to keep old ones. In fact, for many businesses, loyal customers lead to more profit in the long term. In the age of social media where every competitor […]

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